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Find your path to
a confident birth.

We exist to equip parents like you with compassionate care, knowledge and support for an unforgettable birth.

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Your empowered birthing journey begins here. 

No matter where or how you want to bring your little one into the world, our Long Beach-based team of midwives and birth assistants are ready to support you.

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Holistic care tailored to your unique needs.


Prenatal Care 


Birth Services

Postpartum Support

Officially expecting? Congratulations! From the moment you first receive the news, we'll be there to walk alongside you and help you achieve the healthiest pregnancy possible.


We'll assist you in exploring the options available for your upcoming birth, and help you discern the best one for you and your baby. To us, holding space throughout your pregnancy means unconditional support every sacred step of the way.

Whether you're dreaming of a birth center or searching for a home birth to welcome your baby, we're here to honor and celebrate your vision for your birthing journey! 


Our center boasts two fully-equipped birth rooms, each with a large bed, private bathroom and full soaking tub. We've thoughtfully curated a soothing environment to encourage the natural birth process. Our midwives can also bring the birth center to you, mobilizing everything needed to deliver your baby in the comfort of home!

From the moment your baby is born, we'll be there to make sure your first moments together are treasured.


We provide newborn screenings following your birth, and will evaluate your little one's health before discharging you from the birth center. We'll check in on how you and your baby are doing at your 2-week and 6-week postpartum visits.


All postpartum parents are also welcome to join us for our weekly circle meetings, so no one has to navigate the transition alone. 

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We're here to offer support that gives
you the freedom to birth your way.

From pregnancy to postpartum, our team of midwives is committed to listening to you, honoring your lived experiences and providing care tailored to the unique needs of your body and baby.


As a birthing parent, you have a wide variety of options available throughout your pregnancy and birth! We'll be there to help you navigate your choices and find the path that feels best.


We're passionate about cultivating a birthing environment that honors the intuitive labor process, without the restrictions of a hospital. We are proud to extend our midwifery support all over the Greater Southern California area. 

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We look forward to learning how we can support you!

We invite you to reach out via email or phone to schedule a consultation, connect with our team for a tour, or ask questions on we can support you through your journey.


Phone: (562) 912-4421
Fax: (562) 317-8139
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