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Fertility & Family Planning

Our Midwives are passionate about supporting all options when it comes to providing family planning counseling whether you are trying to conceive, avoiding, or wishing to terminate pregnancy. Areas of expertise include education on preconception preparation, fertility awareness, birth control options and more.

Sharing wisdom about the body that empowers individuals to understand and take charge of their reproductive health, and enabling people to find the path that is right for them is a fundamental part of the Midwifery Model of Care. 

Services Include:

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Preconception Counseling


This visit includes a wellness exam if desired, and an in depth personalized consultation with education on conceiving and how to prepare the body for the healthiest pregnancy possible! 

Our Midwives can take a look at your overall health and labs that are relevant for pregnancy and advise on best methods for conceiving, starting supplements to prepare for pregnancy, and what to do when you become pregnant. We inform those who are interested in this service that Midwives provide routine or “low-risk” care and holistic options and education. If you are having trouble getting pregnant we can discuss your personal factors and current methods of trying to conceive and provide reassurance, advice, or evaluate the need to see a fertility clinic. We do not manage fertility issues such as testing hormones, looking at the health of ovaries / eggs, or partner fertility, but are happy to refer families to specialists in that field.

Pregnancy Confirmation


We love starting care with our clients from their first pregnancy test, and pride ourselves on providing a high level of support and care management options that go above and beyond the routine standards. 

If you have ever struggled with getting an appointment within a reasonable window of time, not being able to reach your provider with early pregnancy concerns, suffered from insensitivity around pregnancy loss, or felt like you weren’t heard when requesting options like early pregnancy lab monitoring, repeat ultrasounds or progesterone supplementation - we are here for you. Having your pregnancy confirmation with our Midwives means that you will be offered all of these services as well as 24/7 midwife line access and affordable follow up care before the start of your routine prenatal care towards your 2nd trimester.

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Birth Control Counseling & Prescriptions


Talk with one of our midwives about pros and cons of each option available when it comes to avoiding pregnancy, including Fertility Awareness Method guidance or prescription management. 


Part of what makes us unique as a team of Licensed Midwives in the out-of-hospital world is that we have a Certified Nurse Midwife on our team who consults with us for prescription writing and management. In our care you will receive unbiased and complete information on your options in birth control and guidance based on personal history, lifestyle, and above all - your preference.

Abortion Care

Our team is available to offer medically induced abortions of pregnancy before 10 weeks through virtual consultations and provides access to our 24/7 midwife line for follow-up support. 

Providing this service with the care and sensitivity all people deserve is one of the aspects of Long Beach Birth Center care our team is most proud of. Our protocol is set up to ensure the highest level of convenience and comfort possible through our virtual consultations and prescribing abilities. During your consultation we will review some basic health factors that may indicate a necessary in person visit or ultrasound before it’s safe to begin the process. Otherwise, that will be the only correspondence necessary before you are able to pick up your medication. Follow-up care is optional but always offered as well as 24/7 access to call our Midwives with any questions or concerns until the completion of your care.

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We look forward to learning how we can support you!

Long Beach Birth Center invites you to reach out via email or phone to schedule a consultation, connect with our team for a tour, or ask questions on how we can support you through your journey.

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