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Reproductive Health & Wellness

Long Beach Birth Center provides comprehensive, annual health and inclusive gynecological care for the full reproductive life cycle, from adolescence through the post-menopausal years.

Our team of Midwives specializes in offering holistic, LGBTQIA+-friendly, evidence-based, and individualized care, allowing clients to have their needs heard in a safe space and to be active participants in their healthcare decisions.

Our 45 minute Wellness Visits begin with a consultation to discuss your overall health and address questions or concerns before any exams take place. You and your Midwife will create a care plan together after discussing all options, and testing or procedures following will be carried out with ongoing informed consent and gentle care. 


Come and see us for:

  • PAP Smear

  • Respecting body autonomy and preferences at all times

  • Breast Exam and / or full Physical Exam

  • STI testing

  • UTI testing and treatment

  • Bacterial Vaginosis or Yeast infection

  • General Wellness Labs including but not limited to:

    • Iron Levels

    • Thyroid check

    • Vitamin Levels

    • Blood Sugar 


Ongoing follow-up and support is available following treatments that include natural remedies as well as medical referrals or prescriptions when needed or desired. Our Midwives are here and ready to support your overall health and wellness every step of the way!

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We look forward to learning how we can support you!

Long Beach Birth Center invites you to reach out via email or phone to schedule a consultation, connect with our team for a tour, or ask questions on how we can support you through your journey.

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