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Genevieve Heath, LM/CPM (She/Her)

Licensed Midwife / Certified Professional Midwife

Genevieve is a proud wife, mother and a Midwife on the Long Beach Birth Center team since 2022. She is a Southern California native and graduated in 2013 from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology prior to starting on her path to midwifery. She went on to graduate in 2017 from National College of Midwifery and has practiced as a homebirth midwife since. She has cared for hundreds of families in every birth setting around the OC and Inland Empire. 

Genevieve began her midwifery journey as a calling, always having been interested in pregnancy and birth. After witnessing that the births of friends and family had all seemed full of fear and that the birthing person’s experience was always set aside for what was “best for the baby”, she began research into midwifery and home birth and found her niche. 

Her family life began in a whirlwind within the same year she graduated midwifery school. She married her husband and had her first daughter in the water at a birth center in 2017, followed by her second daughter who was born precipitously at home in 2019 with only her mother and herself in attendance (unintentionally). With her own two pregnancies and births progressing very differently, her eyes were opened to the truth that every pregnancy and birth is unique and life changing in different ways. 

Genevieve has a passion for caring for the overall well-being of each individual and helping her clients achieve a birth story that they can treasure. Her focus as a midwife is to attend to the needs of each family with compassion and respect, and to empower their decisions with information and support. 


She says, “I love what I do. Especially when I get to witness moms find a part of themselves they never knew was there. They are strong and their bodies can do amazing things!”

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