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Meredith Bowling

Owner, Director

Meredith Bowling is the founder, owner and director of Long Beach Birth Center. She has been the passionate and dedicated leader of our team since the conception of our practice in 2021. Creating a community pillar of options, education and empowerment in the birth community has been a long time dream of hers, and when opportunity arose to start an out-of-hospital midwifery care center right here in her hometown, she set out to achieve all that Long Beach Birth Center has become with great enthusiasm and care. 


Meredith’s vision for the Long Beach Birth Center team is that we would not only be able to connect the birth community and provide a safe space for families of all backgrounds to birth, but that we would be able to make a positive change in birth outcomes in our area by working to increase education and access to midwifery care. Meredith believes that all birthing people have a right to safe care provided with a standard of excellence and compassion. Meredith has carefully cultivated the environment, protocols and team here at LBBC in pursuit of these standards, and is always striving to learn and continue meeting the needs of our community. 


Meredith first found her calling to the birth world after her two daughters were born. She found that her experiences inspired her to empower other families to achieve the same kind of safe and memorable birth which they could look back on with joy. Through becoming a Certified Birth Doula and learning more about what perinatal care can be, she was led to question the existing model of care in the hospital setting and went on to become more passionate about childbirth education. She became a Childbirth Educator and an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, supporting countless families in this capacity before embarking on her journey as the owner and director of Long Beach Birth Center. 


In her personal life Meredith is a nature lover and enjoys surrounding herself with family and friends. She has been a long time Camp Fire USA youth leader where she enjoys connecting with her daughters and community, spending quality time outdoors. With the support of her wife, Liz Medina, Meredith has been able to find balance and great satisfaction in both her personal and professional life. 


Meredith shares her gratitude for each family that entrusts our midwives and team with their care. She carries each of their birth stories in her heart, which inspire and motivate her efforts to make a difference in the lives of as many birthing families as she is able to reach through our community midwifery care practice, Long Beach Birth Center.

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