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Student Midwife - Birth Center Coordinator

Jen has been with Long Beach Birth Center since the initiation of our practice overseeing and organizing operations in the front and back office as well as the birth assisting team, often switching “hats'' as needed to fill each role. She has been a full time birth assistant and birth center care coordinator since 2015, and became a student midwife in 2018 with National College of Midwifery. She attends to our clients as a student midwife with an experienced hand and heart in all aspects of care as she works towards her licensure. She had an early calling to midwifery as a teenager, and has been dedicated to changing the world one birth at a time ever since. 

Jen is an advocate for the safe, informed, and most positive possible outcome for each of our clients and works to remove the fear surrounding normal & natural physiological birth outside of the hospital. Her focus as our Birth Center Coordinator lies in prioritizing the overall experience of each LBBC family every step of the way, from their initial consultation through their birth and postpartum period. When she’s not bustling about at the birth center, she enjoys making plans with her birthworker friends and spending downtime with her long time partner. 

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